The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

Government forensic investigators examining how terrorists manufacture improvised explosives have found indications of a global bomb-making network, and have concluded that Islamic militant bomb builders have used the same designs for car bombs in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, government officials said this week. (NY Times)

Flawed Ally Was Hunt's Best Hope

A team of CIA operators from the agency's Counterterrorist Center flew to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, in October 1999. Code-named JAWBREAKER-5, the group was led by the chief of the center's Osama bin Laden unit, known to his colleagues as Rich, a veteran of CIA postings in Algiers and elsewhere in the developing world. (Washington Post)

Saudi Arabia

Report: Al Qaeda's Effective Leader in Saudi Arabia is a Yemeni

The real leader of al Qaeda's cells in Saudi Arabia is a Yemeni called Khaled al Haj aka Abu Hazem Al Sha'er, reports Asharq Al Awsat according to information it obtained. Al Haj is on the Saudi list of most wanted terror suspects. So far, Abdul Aziz al Muqrin, the number one suspect on the list, was believed to be al Qaeda's leader in Saudi Arabia. The paper is reporting however that al Qaeda was reluctant to announce that al Haj was the real leader as it may discourage followers because he is a Yemeni. (Asharq Al Awsat)

Terror Suspect's Body Discovered Early This Month

The Saudi authorities revealed that the body discovered early this month in a desert area north of Riyadh is that of Amer bin Mohsen bin Marif bin Zeidan al Shehri, who was number 23 on the Saudi list of most wanted terror suspects. (Al Hayat)

Iranian Ambassador Says Saudi Al Qaeda Suspects Were Handed Over

Iran handed over a number of Saudi al Qaeda suspects to Saudi Arabia, the Iranian ambassador in Riyadh said in an interview with the Saudi Al Jazeera newspaper. He did not specify the number of those extradited nor when the handover took place. (Elaph)


United States

Supreme Court Will Hear 3rd Detainee Case

The Supreme Court agreed on Friday to consider whether President Bush had the authority to detain indefinitely an American who was seized on American soil by declaring him an enemy combatant. (NY Times)

Terror Suspect Held in Fla. Without Bail

A man held on a weapons charge and accused of links to terrorists lost a bid to be released on bail when prosecutors said they might file more serious charges against him. (AP)

Virginia Man Acquitted of Terrorism Link

A judge on Friday acquitted a man charged in an alleged conspiracy to aid the Taliban and tossed out some of the allegations against three other men accused in the case. (AP)


Suspect in Appeals Court: I Received a Phone Call to Cancel Attack On Military Base

The Tunisian suspect Nizar Trabelsi said in the appeal's court in Belgium Saturday that he received a phone call from someone called Fayez in Pakistan on the day of his arrest on September 14th 2001 ordering him to abandon a plan to attack a military base in Belgium. He argues that he was about to leave the country upon his arrest. Trabelsi is accused of planning terror attacks and belonging to a terrorist organizations. (Asharq Al Awsat)


Court Refused to Hand Over Three Egyptian Suspects to U.S.

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