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Samarra: A Great Feat of U.S. Arms or Massacre of the Innocent? — by Simon Tisdall What really happened in Samarra? According to U.S. military spokesmen, a series of ambushes on coalition convoys by the Saddam Fedayeen militia was repulsed with unprecedented, devastating enemy losses. (The Guardian)

God and Man in Baghdad — by Thomas L. Friedman The essential debate for the first post-Saddam democratic government in Iraq will be how far to extend religious authority. (NY Times)

Search for a New U.N. Role — by Kofi A. Annan The organization has been under a microscope since the U.S. defied it on Iraq. (LA Times)

Why Al-Arabiya Was Restricted — by Jalal Talabani On Nov. 23, I took an important step in protecting the fledgling democracy we are nurturing in Iraq. On behalf of Iraq's Governing Council, I temporarily banned the Arab satellite channel al-Arabiya from using satellite uplink facilities to transmit news reports from its Baghdad bureau. Since then I have heard a hundred variants on this question: "How can you claim to be promoting democracy while stifling a free press?" The answer is quite simple. (Washington Post)



United States

Experts Say Moussaoui Was Too Mentally Unfit to Plot Sept. 11 Attacks (ABCNEWS)

Compromise Hinted in Moussaoui Case Judges on a federal appeals panel strongly hinted Wednesday that they were searching for a middle ground in the constitutional dispute that has halted the case against terrorism suspect Zacarias Moussaoui. (Washington Post)

First of Lackawanna Six is Sentenced Yemeni-American man who met with bin laden is first of Lackawanna six to be sentenced to jail. (AP)

Pentagon Gives Guantanamo Detainee Lawyer An Australian prisoner at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has become the first foreign terrorist suspect to be given a U.S. military lawyer, the Pentagon announced Wednesday. (AP)

Omar Khadr May Be Moved From Cuba Teenager Killed U.S. Medic in Afghanistan A Toronto teenager being held by the U.S. military at Guantanamo Bay may be transferred from the Cuban prison due to his poor health, officials in Ottawa said yesterday. (National Post)

U.S. Court Rules Against Parts of Anti-Terror Law Federal prosecutor's interpretation of 1996 act, a major tool of Justice Department, is unconstitutional, 9th Circuit panel finds. (LA Times)

Army Chaplain's Lawyer Gets Secret Data The attorney for a Guantanamo Muslim accused of mishandling classified material will raise 'double-standard' issue at a hearing. (LA Times)

United Kingdom Man Charged as Accomplice in 'Shoe' Case A British man arrested last week in southwestern England was charged Wednesday with conspiring with the convicted "shoe bomber," Richard C. Reid, in an explosives plot, the police said. (NY Times)

Australia Sydney Man Faces Court On Terrorism Offences A Sydney man has appeared in court charged with making preparations to carry out a terrorist attack. He's the first person to be charged under Australia's new counter-terrorism laws. (Sydney Morning Herald)


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