The Insider: Daily Terrorism Report

United States F.B.I. Gets New Rules on Early Terror Probes The F.B.I. will be able to more easily check a person's background for potential terrorist activities under national security guidelines issued Wednesday by Attorney General John Ashcroft. tmpl=story&u=/ap/20031106/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/fbi_terrorism_3 ">(AP)

U.N. Lists Places Lacking Terror Reports A U.N. Security Council committee named 58 countries Wednesday that missed an Oct. 31 deadline to submit reports on measures they are taking to stop supporting, financing and providing sanctuary to terrorists. (AP)

Center to Speed U.S. Translations Counterterrorism officials said on Wednesday that they planned to open a clearinghouse for government and private linguists by January to allow faster translation of possible terrorist communications. (NY Times)

Canada Canada Condemns U.S. Deportation Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien has criticized the United States for deporting a Canadian citizen to Syria where he was held for nearly a year without trial. (BBC)


Philippines Authorities: Filipino-American Deported For Selling Weapons to Abu Sayyaf Philippine authorities have arrested and deported a Filipino-American to the United States for allegedly selling weapons to the Abu Sayyaf Muslim kidnap gang, the bureau of immigration said. (AFP)


Somalia AP: Informants Hunt Terrorists in Somalia U.S. agents recruit network of informants hunting for terrorists in Somalia. (AP)

Kenya Terrorists in Kenya Killings Posed as Fishermen, a Report Says The terrorists who struck at Israelis in Kenya last year posed as lobstermen while smuggling missiles from Somalia. (NY Times)


United Kingdom Pakistan Seeks U.K. Spying Assurance Pakistan has asked the U.K. Government for an inquiry into reports that its high commission in London was bugged by British intelligence services in 2001. The Sunday Times had earlier reported that the British intelligence service had fitted bugging devices in an unnamed embassy in London. (BBC)

Scientists In Anti-Terror Action MPs have called on U.K. scientists to do more to combat the threat of terrorism. (BBC)

Germany Air Force to Shoot Down Terror Jets Germany's cabinet Wednesday approved a bill giving air force pilots a legal basis for shooting down hijacked jetliners as a last-ditch measure. (DPA)


Saddam Fled Baghdad Villa in April Minutes before U.S. Bombing Saddam Hussein fled from a villa in Baghdad's al Mansur neighborhood where he was set to meet four close aides on April 7, only 15 minutes before it was bombed by US forces, according to a former Iraqi government official. (AFP)

Pentagon Orders Iraq Replacement Troops The U.S. had hoped to employ more foreign forces, but few nations have offered to help. (LA Times)

Leaked Memo Splits Iraq War Inquiry The Senate committee investigating prewar intelligence on Iraq has erupted into partisan warfare over whether the investigation will probe discussions between senior Bush administration officials and the federal intelligence agencies. (Financial Times)

U.S. Plan to Bring in Turks Collapses Negotiations over deployment of Turkish troops in Iraq at a standstill, amid a growing expectation that the controversial plan will be scrapped altogether, diplomatic sources say. (The Guardian)

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