Royal Wedding: Behind the Scenes


When the time came for the official photographs, it seemed they would never end. "We had to keep smiling and smiling and smiling. Prince Andrew began to tell terrible jokes. And I think by the end, we were laughing and exhausted," Hicks said.

"And Diana slumped down onto the floor and we all just collapsed on the floor."

Palace Officials Quick on Their Feet

Hicks comes from a family of royal bridesmaids. Her mother, Lady Pamela Mountbatten, was an 18-year-old bridesmaid to her cousin, Lt. Philip Mountbatten in 1947, when he married none other than Elizabeth, who was to become queen.

The morning of this wedding was marked with yet another wardrobe malfunction.

"Queen Mary, her grandmother, had given her [Elizabeth] a magnificent diamond tiara," Lady Pamela recalled. "So they have it poised over her head, about to place it on her head; it breaks in two."

"But, luckily, of course, Buckingham Palace is the one place in the world where if you break your tiara, you can say, 'Do fetch me another diamond tiara.'"

"So, in fact, her mother produced another lovely tiara," Lady Pamela said.

Now, it seems that despite Ross' words, there have indeed been royal blips in the past. But Middleton and Will need not worry. If history is anything to go by, the royal family are pros at seemlessly implementing a back-up plan.

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