Aid Groups Say Government, Opposition Both Blocking Aid to Syrian Civilians


The U.N. secretary-general has reported on noncompliance, we have reported on the Syrian government’s failure to cease the indiscriminate use of barrel bombs and its refusal to release detainees. It is the responsibility of the U.N. Security Council to take steps to show it’s serious about its need to comply with the resolution and with international law.

We are looking for the council to do things like impose an arms embargo that would ensure that other countries aren’t servicing helicopters that are dropping barrel bombs, and refer the situation to the ICC, a court that could investigate and prosecute individuals on all sides of the conflict that are responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Touma: We need cooperation from both parties of the conflict, to guarantee that humanitarian teams, food and medical supplies are delivered to these areas. Sometimes we have had the chance to access these children, but it is not enough and it is not consistent.

That’s why we always advocate for unhindered access to Syria, especially to areas under siege and where heavy violence is taking place, like eastern Aleppo, Deraa, some parts of Homs and rural Damascus.

If we are not given access, children will continue to pay the heaviest price of this war – they will pay with their lives, their education, their health and wellbeing. They are gong to continue to be at the risk of becoming a lost generation.

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