Amanda Knox Pleads With Judge to Block Lifetime Movie From TV and Internet


Knox will be back in criminal court in Perugia on March 26 for the next hearing in her murder appeal when a key prosecution witness will be cross-questioned. Antonio Curatolo, a homeless man, testified in her murder trial that he saw Knox and her former boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, who was convicted of murder with Knox, outside the cottage where Kercher was killed on the night of her murder. He said he knew he had seen them on the night of Nov. 1, 2007 because there were buses loading students to take them to the discos outside of town that night.

Witnesses called by the defense at the last hearing testified, however, that discos were not open that night in Perugia, and there were no buses running. The big business had been the night before, on Halloween, they said.

Other news that could be considered positive for Knox and Sollecito emerged this week from the Rome forensic laboratory where DNA experts appointed by the Perugia Appeals court are testing two key pieces of evidence.

The experts tested the blade of a knife on which police experts said they had found a small amount of Kercher's DNA, but did not find any useful genetic material on it. Prosecutors had claimed the knife was the murder weapon.

The experts also intended to test the victim's bra hook on which police had found Sollecito's DNA mixed with Kercher's DNA, but the hook was too ruined to be able to be tested again

Amanda Knox Presses Appeal of Murder Conviction

This means that the court experts will have to evaluate this DNA evidence by reviewing the results of the tests provided by the prosecution.

Knox and Sollecito's defenses claim the DNA results were invalid because Kercher's DNA on the knife was too small an amount to be reliable and Sollecito's DNA on the bra hook was the result of contamination, they say.

The court experts will turn the full results of their examination in to the court on May 9.

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