Cat and Lynx Become Purrrfect Zoo Couple

PHOTO: Dusya, the stray cat, and Linda, the European lynx are seen together.

A cat and a lynx have become a purrr-fect couple, living together in Leningrad Zoo in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

A recently posted YouTube video of the feline duo went viral among cat lovers around the world, but they animals have pals for seven years.

The two cats - Dusya, the stray cat, and Linda, the European lynx - are now full-grown and have been inseparable since they were 6 weeks old.

The zookeepers brought in the stray cat in 2007 to provide the lynx with a companion. The workers weren't sure if they would get along, but not only did they co-exist, they are practically inseparable. The cat and lynx can frequently be seen snuggling and grooming each other.

Cross-species animal friendships have previously happened between a meerkat and a husky, a cheetah and a golden retriever, and many other unlikely duos. It is reported that the zoo has adopted the stray cat.

Founded in 1865, Leningrad Zoo is the oldest zoo in Russia.

Watch the video below:

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