The PRC: Plastic Republic of China


Addiction is just one of the risks of plastic surgery — especially at a young age.

"Plastic surgery doesn't solely impact a person's physical appearance," Ma said. "It can also have deeper psychological repercussions."

According to Ma, plastic surgery has the same medical risks as any other surgery, such as risk of infection or internal bleeding. However, the bigger problem is a patient's gamble with their appearance.

Perils of Plastics

"Sometimes, the surgery result isn't what the patient expected," Ma said. "That can be difficult to deal with."

Cosmetic surgeries can boost job prospects and self-esteem for women, and some men are now catching onto the trend. A substantial number of men now get chest implants to make themselves seem more muscular, in the hopes of impressing their clients or bosses.

Xie Yun*, a college student in Hong Kong, received a double eyelid surgery. Now, when Xie does presentations or public speeches, he is more confident than before.

"After I got my surgery done, the number of girls chasing after me increased exponentially," Xie told ABC News.

*Names have been changed.

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