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  • About 2,000 couples were married in a mass ceremony outside Seoul, Korea in February. Some have known each other for just a few months, others only for days. These are young members of the Unification movement, sometimes referred to derisively as the "Moonies" after their founder Reverend Sun Myung Moon, though this is a name the movement rejects.
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  • The Unificationist mass weddings were started in the 1960s for the original followers, who were told by Reverend Moon that they were destined to have children who would form a new and sinless generation. Now those children -- the first ever born into the church -- make up the majority of those marrying here today.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC
  • Hair and makeup for a couple thousand brides is a marathon enterprise. Naomi, 24, decided to wake up at 4 a.m. on her big day to do her own hair and makeup in her hotel room.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC News
  • Couples from all over the world line up to enter the CheongShim Peace World Center, Korea’s largest arena, located just outside Seoul. It’s like some enormous school field trip, but in black tie.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC
  • ABC's Juju Chang interviews Adamar, a California native, who is marrying Niina from Finland. The Unificationists believe that international and interracial marriages will promote world peace.
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  • Presiding over the event is Mrs. Moon, the widow of movement founder Reverend Moon. An empty throne remains next to her in honor of Reverend Moon, who passed away last year, but is still considered the messiah within the movement.
    ABC News
  • Mrs. Moon, who believers call True Mother, prepares to sprinkle Holy Water on representative couples. This act symbolically erases past sins.
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  • Sandrine, from Cote d’Ivoire, and Yasuhiro, from Japan, were matched by Mrs. Moon, known as the True Mother of the church, in a special ceremony for the most devout Unificationists just three days before the mass wedding. Sandrine speaks French and Yasuhiro speaks Japanese -- the pair cannot yet communicate in a common language.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC
  • Finally the big moment: Glenn, the lead singer in a New Jersey indie band, exchanges rings with Judilee, an aspiring artist from Nova Scotia. After the wedding, the pair will live on separate floors of Glenn’s parents’ house for a 40-day period of purity.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC
  • Don from Rwanda joined the Unification movement after being raised Catholic in Rwanda. He convinced his bride, Marsha from North Carolina, to convert before they married.
    Victoria Thompson/ABC
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