Psychological State of Syrian Doctors is 'Deteriorating'


It's rapid. You're dealing with a situation that's deteriorating. The PTSD rates, the psychological trauma, have to be more than 90 percent. Those there are rapidly burning out, they are under constant stress. It's not just because they're helping Syrians and seeing what they see – it's also because they know their families in Syria are under threat of retaliation. It's not that they give up, it's that they're burning out.

Sometimes you meet a surgeon who's been working for nine months with no days off, and he'll say that because it's all a blur, he can ignore the stress. One surgeon took a weekend off and it all caught up with him, and he didn't have the resources available to cope. He ended up having to emigrate to Europe. It was just too much. It's not just who's able to deal with it now, but how are these doctors going to deal with it years from now? How are they going to deal with their kids? How will they behave and react in the future? Without improving the resources for these people, I'm scared.

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