Sharia Law Interrupts a Woman's Wedding In Deir Ezzor, Syria


Though the women were released, public anger against the extremist opposition in Deir Ezzor city spiked. Its officials huddled, but subsequent promises made – including an investigation into the al-Tunisi incident – did not happen.

Mouaz, a resident of al-Aredi neighborhood, says that expelling members involved in the incident is not sufficient punishment, as the incident was the culmination of dozens of violations committed by the board.

He also says that a member of the board stormed into a girls' school three months ago, alleging that one student was not dressed in Islamic clothes, and threatened to punish and expel any girl who does not abide by the Islamic attire – with most of the face and body covered – dictated by Sharia.

The extremists are "never held accountable despite their repeated violations and the many complaints against them," says Marwan, from al-Hamedyeh.

Marwan said another incident that aroused local ire took place in late April, when a member of the Sharia board halted the funeral of a child in downtown Deir Ezzor.

Mourners say the man claimed that the dead child had been the result of adultery, and that relatives tried in vain to remove the Islamist official and the his guards from what would have been, in earlier days, an intimate family occasion.

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