U.N. Report: Syria, Lebanon Implicated in Hariri Assassination


Al Hariri Investigation

U.N.: Syria, Lebanon Involved in Slaying

U.N. Probe: Syrian and Lebanese Security Officials Involved in Former Lebanon PM's Assassination. (AP)

Transcript of the UN Report (The Financial Times)

Top Syrian Seen as Prime Suspect in Assassination

The U.N. inquiry into the murder of a former Lebanese prime minister is focusing on the brother-in-law of Syria's president. (NY Times)

Syria Rejects Hariri Probe Findings

Syria has rejected UN findings that linked Damascus to the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri as false, unprofessional and politicized. (Press Association)

Lahoud Denies Talk With Hariri Suspect

Lebanese President Emile Lahoud has denied that a suspect in the killing of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri telephoned him minutes before the assassination. (UPI)

Background on Syria and the Rafiq Hariri Investigation (The Washington Post)


Syria, U.S. Almost Reached Deal End of the Summer

A deal was almost reached between the U.S. and Syria at the end of the summer, Al Hayat cites "informed Western and Arabic diplomatic sources" as saying. After months of contacts between the two sides, the U.S. asked for Syrian President Bashar al Asad to announce his commitment to stop any type of support to the insurgency in Iraq. In return, the U.S. would take steps to end Syria's "isolation." Al Asad never made the announcement and contacts stopped until another channel of communication was reopened when the same Syrian delegation met in London with representatives of the US, British, Frensh and German governments. The U.S. had more demands this time, including full cooperation with the Hariri investigation and handing over any suspect wanted for involvement in the assassination. Syria never responded. (Al Hayat)


Four to Be Deported After Bomb-Plot Tip

A man detained after his name came up in a tip about a purported bomb plot against Baltimore highway tunnels will be deported for immigration violations along with three other men who were picked up at the same time, a federal official said Wednesday. (Chicago Tribune)

Cover-Up Issue Is Seen as Focus in Leak Inquiry

Karl Rove and I. Lewis Libby Jr. have been advised that they may be in serious legal jeopardy, lawyers tied to the case said. (NY Times)

Aide Says FEMA Ignored Warnings

Agency member, in New Orleans when Katrina hit, tells the Senate that Michael Brown ignored reports that the worst had happened. (The Washington Post)


Hunger Strikers Allege 'Force Feed Torture' at Guantánamo

Prisoners at Guantánamo Bay claim US troops punish them by repeatedly inserting and removing dirty feeding tubes until detainees vomit blood. (The Guardian)

U.S. Denies Feeding Tube Misuse at Gitmo

Chief Doctor at U.S. Prison at Guantanamo Bay Denies Misusing Detainees' Feeding Tubes. (AP)


Suspect Confirms al Zarqawi's Involvement in Al Aqaba Attack

The main suspect in the August 19th bombings in al Aqaba admitted that Abu Musaab al Zarqawi and his group al Qaeda in Iraq were involved in planning the attack, according to Jordanian security sources. Ali al Sahli said a number of al Zarqawi's aides visited him at home and contacted cells associated with the groups in Jordan. (Asharq al Awsat)

The Earthquake

Pakistan Aid 'Totally Inadequate'

President Pervez Musharraf says his country needs billions more dollars in earthquake reconstruction aid. (BBC)

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