U.N. Passes Resolution Against Syria

As the money runs out on the $30 billion American-financed reconstruction of Iraq, the officials in charge cannot say how many planned projects they will complete, and there is no clear source for hundreds of millions of dollars a year needed to operate the projects that have been finished, according to a report to Congress released yesterday. (NY Times)


When At War, Words Can Kill

The struggle against terrorism needs curbs on enemy propaganda. (The Age)

Meet the United States' Unlikely Ally in the Terror Wars

So which nation was "probably the best" ally the U.S. had right after Sept. 11 in the shadow war against al Qaeda? (Congressional Quarterly)

Blowing a Broken Horn

If Arabs are divided about Iraq, and Iraqis divided among themselves, the Lebanese-Syrian situation after Hariri's assassination reflect a wider and deeper division. (Al Hayat)

Let International Wrath Rain on Killers of Hariri

For decades, the Syrian dictatorship has placed its own citizens and those of neighboring states in its cross hairs. Today, it is the dictatorship that is being marked for indictment, if not outright termination. (San Antonio Express-News)

The Realist Who Got It Wrong

Now that Cindy Sheehan turns out to be a disaster for the antiwar movement -- most Americans are not about to follow a left-wing radical who insists that we are in Iraq for reasons of theft, oppression and empire -- a new spokesman is needed. (Washington Post)

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