"Armed Groups" Contact Iraqi Presidency, Offer to Lay Down Arms

Thousands of residents were evacuated in Tokyo on Sunday while authorities dug up an unexploded 550-pound bomb, believed to have been dropped by the United States during World War II, a local official said. (AP)



Troops Who Burned Taliban Face Discipline

Four U.S. soldiers face disciplinary action for burning the bodies of two Taliban rebels - a videotaped incident that sparked outrage in Afghanistan - but they will not be prosecuted because their actions were motivated by hygienic concerns, the military said Saturday. (AP)


The New Way Out

U.S. leaders finally have a coherent approach-but patience is wearing thin. (Newsweek)

Seeking Justice in Dujail

It is a sight that most Iraqis never thought they would see - the man who ruled over them for more than two decades standing trial, in an Iraqi court and before Iraqi judges. (BBC)

At Times, the Spirit Offers Better Results than the Letter

A heavy dose of pragmatism is suddenly being injected into local, regional and international politics. A first reaction to the announcement by Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Walid Moallem Friday that Damascus will allow five of its senior officials to be interrogated by the Mehlis Commission in Vienna could be to ask why an "uncooperative" Syria should be allowed to choose the venue. (The Daily Star)

The Ties That Tangle Iraq and Iran

The US has gained a few months to put pressure on Iran over its nuclear program. What stands out, though, is that Washington has resorted to grandstanding to cover up the accelerating collapse of its regional policy in Iraq, which in turn casts a shadow on the US capacity to force its will on the Iran nuclear issue. (Asia Times)

Set a Deadline That Lets Iraqis Prove What They Want

If they are serious about freedom they'd help quash the insurgency. (CS Monitor)

The Insider Daily Investigative Report (DIR) is a summary of major news articles and broadcasts relating to investigative news, including international terrorism and developments in Iraq. The DIR is edited daily from foreign and U.S. sources by Chris Isham, Hoda Osman and Ellen Gustafson of the ABC News Investigative Unit. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ABCNEWS.

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