Truce With Terrorists: Pakistan Throws in the Towel


Pakistan Throws in the Towel

The Pakistani military will no longer operate in the area where Osama bin Laden and other top al Qaeda operatives are believed to be hiding, according to terms of what the Pakistan government calls a "peace deal," signed today with militant tribal groups allied to the Taliban and al Qaeda. (ABC News)


American Appears in New al Qaeda Tape

An American thought to be an al Qaeda activist appeared in a videotape with the terror group's deputy leader Saturday and called on his countrymen to convert to Islam and for U.S. soldiers to switch sides in the Iraq and Afghan wars. (AP)

VIDEO: Is Terror Tape Sign of Another Attack?

New al Qaeda tape spurs speculation over timing and upcoming 9/11 anniversary. (ABC News)


Man Opens Fire at Tourists in Jordan's Capital

Briton Killed, 7 Other People Wounded in Attack at Ruins. (Washington Post)

Jordan Says Attacker Acted Alone

The Jordanian who shot dead a British tourist and injured six other people was acting alone and had no links to any armed group, an official has said. (BBC)


Five Years Later: For Conservative Muslims, Goal of Isolation a Challenge

Followers of conservative sect try to allay fears that their brand of Islam fosters extremism. (Washington Post)

ABC Docudrama Sparks 9/11 Spat

The docudrama that ABC will air next week commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks seems likely to revive some long-running disputes over whether the Clinton or Bush administration has more to answer for in neglecting indications of a pending al Qaeda attack on the United States. (Congressional Quarterly)

Review: 'Road to 9/11' Pavedwith Terrible Vision, Leader's Charisma

Osama bin Laden is a doting father who took his sons on picnics, let them play Nintendo and taught them to drive -- all while plotting mass murder and the overthrow of the United States. (Chicago Tribune)

A Mystery Man Who Keeps the FBI Up at Night

Officials hunting virtually full time for a Florida computer technician see him as the ultimate 'sleeper agent' in the post-9/11. (LA Times)

Analysis: Five Years On, Hunt for Bin Laden Is Chasing Shadows and Raising Tensions

The al Qaeda terror camps are gone from Afghanistan, but the enigma of Osama bin Laden still hangs over these lawless borderlands where tens of thousands of U.S. and Pakistani troops have spent nearly five years searching for him. (AP)


9 Arrested in Terror Plot in Denmark

Nine people who had acquired materials to make explosives and were suspected of plotting a terror attack in Denmark were arrested Tuesday, intelligence officials said. (AP)


Femme Fatale Seized in Russia-U.S. Smuggling Scheme

Federal agents have arrested the woman they say controlled the money and the books of a Russian smuggling ring using sailboats in the Caribbean to smuggle illegal aliens into the United States. (ABC News)


33 Bodies Found Scattered Across Baghdad

Police found the tortured, blindfolded bodies of 33 men scattered across the capital and the U.S.-led coalition reported combat deaths of seven servicemen, a day after Iraqi leaders said the capture of a top terror suspect would reduce violence. (AP)

7 U.S., British Troops Killed In Iraq Attacks

Gunmen in Sunni Area Of Baghdad Kill 12 In Sectarian Rampage. (Washington Post)

Suspected No. 2 al Qaeda Leader Arrested

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