Republicans on Capitol Hill Knew of Foley's Behavior

India Assertion on Mumbai Blasts Based on Concrete Evidence

India, today said its assertion that ISI and Pakistan-based terror groups were behind the Mumbai bomb blasts was based on "concrete investigation and evidence", which it would hand over to Pakistan. (The Hindu)


U.N. Experts Seek Sanctions Against Top Sudanese Officials

A team of experts has recommended that the U.N. Security Council impose sanctions on top Sudanese government officials for violations of peace efforts in the war-ravaged Darfur region, diplomats said Friday. (Sudan Tribune)

Rebel Groups Kill 40 in Darfur
Fierce clashes between rival African groups in south Darfur have left up to 40 people dead and prompted most foreign aid workers to abandon Greida, one of the world's largest camps for displaced people. (The Guardian)


Tortured Canadian Wins Battle for Truth

Four years ago, Canadian Maher Arar was detained on a routine airport stopover in the United States. He ended up Syria, where he was imprisoned and tortured for 10 months. (The Guardian)


Uniformed Gunmen Snatch 14 at Baghdad Stores

Uniformed gunmen driving official-looking trucks snatched 14 people from computer stores in central Baghdad on Monday, in the latest kidnap to fuel fears of sectarian militias infiltrating Iraq's security forces. (Reuters)

Al Qaeda Arrests Prompt Baghdad Curfew

The U.S. military said a captured al Qaeda suspect and members of his cell were "in the final stages" of planning an attack on the Green Zone. An unprecedented curfew prompted by the arrest left millions of Baghdadis stranded at home on Saturday without supplies during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. (Asharq al Awsat)

Soldier Killed In Iraq Mortar Attack

A British soldier and two children have been killed in an insurgent mortar attack on a multinational forces base in southern Iraq, in 24 hours of violence which has left 14 other people dead and 40 kidnapped. (The Guardian)


Hungarian Is Faced With Evidence of Role in '42 Atrocity

The past caught up with Sandor Kepiro, 92, on Thursday, when the Simon Wiesenthal Center identified him as a junior police officer who was twice found guilty of participating in one of the worst atrocities committed by Hungarian forces during World War II. (NY Times)


EU-US Airline Data Talks Collapse

Talks between the United States and the European Union on sharing confidential airline passenger information have broken down, according to the EU. (BBC News)


Georgia Releases Russian 'Spies'

Four Russian officers arrested as spies in Georgia in the worst row between the countries in years have left for Moscow after being released. (BBC)


Interview with Leader of the Islamic Courts in Somalia Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys
(Asharq al Awsat)


We Saved Europeans. Why Not Africans?

By Susan E. Rice, Anthony Lake and Donald M. Payne
With Darfur set to be hit by a second wave of genocide, world leaders are shifting into diplomatic high gear. The government of Sudan flatly rejects deployment of a 22,000-strong U.N. force, knowing it would be much more effective than the African Union's, even if augmented by additional personnel as is now planned. (Washington Post)

What Secret is This?

Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed

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