Lebanon Minister Assassinated

There was a photograph: a weeping Sudanese woman, standing before a freshly dug grave. There were statistics: 400,000 people dead, 2.5 million driven from their homes, "untold thousands" raped. There was an appeal: "Innocent civilians are being slaughtered in Darfur. You can end it," and a Web address, http://www.dayfordarfur.org. (Washington Post)

Robert Gates' Options at the Pentagon

By Nicole Stracke

In August 2004, Robert Gates was asked to make his predictions on Iraq's future. His answer was: "We have the old line in the intelligence business that everything we want to know is divided into two categories: secrets and mysteries, [and] Iraq is very much the latter." (Daily Star)

Book Review: Inside The Jihad: An Al Qaeda Agent's Amazing Account

Four years ago a video of a puppy killed in a chemical gas test at one of al Qaeda's secret training camps in Afghanistan shocked the world. Now a man who says he was an Islamic holy warrior -- a Jihadi -- at the camp is ready to reveal its dark secrets. (CNN)

Report: 'War on Terror Could Last 30 Years or More'

The fight against terrorism could last 30 years or more, according to a report by a British think-tank specializing in international security. (Times of India)

There's More than One Way to Restart the Peace Process

Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi's trip to Egypt bodes well for his country's commitment to the Middle East peace initiative unveiled last week in partnership with France and Spain. It has been a long time since Europe attempted to bring its diplomatic influence in line with its economic weight, and the failure of purely American mediation only sharpens the need for alternative strategies. In addition, recent shifts in the American political landscape - including the November congressional elections and the resignation of the US defense secretary - have provided an opening for the EU to assert its role in resolving the decades-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict. (Daily Star)

Iraq and Syria, 'Friends' Again

By Richard Beeston

On the surface, this weekend's summit meeting between the leaders of Iraq, Syria and Iran does not represent a new departure. (The London Times)

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