Insider 12/13/04: 'Al Qaeda Sympathizers' Sentenced in Iran

The New York-based campaign group Human Rights Watch says it has uncovered evidence that three more prisoners have died in US detention in Afghanistan. (BBC)


KGB Legacy Of Poison Politics

Doctors confirmed that dioxin poisoned Ukraine's Yushchenko. (CS Monitor)



9/11 Cases Proving Difficult in Germany Suspects may be sent elsewhere for trial. (Washington Post)


Spain PM Testifies at Bombing Inquiry

Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, testifying Monday before a parliamentary commission investigating Spain's worst terrorist attack, dismissed any link between his surprise election victory last March and the Madrid train bombings three days earlier. (AP)


Tough British Anti-Terror Law Faces Key Legal Test

Britain's top court will decide on Thursday whether the country's draconian anti-terror law that allows foreign suspects to be locked up without trial is legal. (Reuters)


Zarqawi Aide On Trial In Jordan Denies Plotting Iraq Attacks

A Jordanian man accused along with Iraq's most wanted man Abu Musab al-Zarqawi of plotting attacks against US and Jordanian targets in Iraq denied any wrongdoing at the start of the trial Monday. (AFP)


Suicide Bombing Kills 13 in Baghdad

A suicide car bomber linked to al Qaeda killed 13 people in Baghdad on Monday, the first anniversary of Saddam Hussein's capture, and clashes resumed in Fallujah, a one-time insurgent stronghold that American forces believed they had conquered. Seven U.S. Marines died in combat in western Iraq. (AP)

Red Cross Asked To Check On Alleged Saddam Hunger Strike

The International Red Cross is being asked to investigate reports that ousted Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and several of his former colleagues are on a hunger strike in captivity. (CBC)

Saddam's Illicit Trade Was Known To U.S. Officials

Saddam Hussein was dead broke, the result of U.N. penalties. Or so it was thought. So where did the Iraqi President find the money to pursue missile technology from North Korea, air defense systems from Belarus and other prohibited military equipment. (AP)

Zarqawi's Group Claims Green Zone Bombing

A group led by al Qaeda ally Abu Musab al-Zarqawi claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing in Baghdad which killed at least seven people on Monday, according to an Internet statement. (Reuters)

Iran, Syria Supporting Insurgents – Iraqi Official

Iran and Syrian are allegedly supporting the insurgency in Iraq, according to Hekmat Moussa, deputy interior minister and the person in charge of security in Baghdad. The interior ministry's intelligence department submitted documents to the prime minister's office proving the involvement of the two countries, Moussa told Al Hayat newspaper. He said the two countries were informed about the documents after some suspects were arrested coming through their borders. (Al Hayat)

Hussein's 'Swift' Trial Still Delayed

The former leader hasn't met with any of his 20 lawyers for a trial not expected until 2006. (LA Times)


Foxes in Iran's Henhouse

The key to the nuclear dispute in Iran will be exploiting the power struggle between the clerics and the military. (NY Times)

SDF Deployment In Iraq

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