Sky-High Prices Dominate the Restaurant Scene

At the other end of the scale, the Zagat survey claimed that the cheapest eateries are found in Montevideo in Uruguay, and in neighboring Argentina, where high-quality food and service are offered at the world's cheapest rates.

Londoner Katherine Torry, who recently returned from a year in Buenos Aires, shared her reaction with ABC News: 'London prices are pretty shocking, especially when you have been used to South America. It makes you wonder where the profits go."

Financial Times food and drink editor Rahul Jacob answered this query about profits, explaining to ABC News that "the reason behind the expense of eating out in London is the hefty property price increase over the last decade; in an environment of asset price escalation, people tend to start saving less and spending more, including on dining out."

Tim Zagat told ABC News that although London can be very expensive, there are as many restaurants and gastro-pubs that are very reasonably priced. It's just a question of finding them.

That's where the Zagat restaurant guide can help.

Norman told ABC News that "the fact that the most expensive restaurants in the Zagat guide are booming suggests that restaurant-goers do feel they are getting value for money."

Although finding good service is another matter: The Zagat survey reiterates this, saying that 53 percent of all complaints from restaurant-goers were for poor service. While 12 percent of complaints were a result of high prices, and only 7 percent due to the quality of the food.

However, there is overall satisfaction. In Zagat's words, the overall rating of London food is "very good to excellent, based on its creativity and diversity."

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