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Attorneys for Zacarias Moussaoui yesterday asked the U.S. Supreme Court to bar the government from seeking the death penalty and from presenting evidence related to the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks at his trial. (Washington Post)

Report: Terror Witnesses' Visas Canceled

Lawyers for a Yemeni sheik accused of funneling millions of dollars to terrorist networks say American officials have canceled visas for four men expected to testify for the defense, according to a published report. (AP)

CIA Taken To Court By Spies Left Out In Cold

Former agents say promise of new life in U.S. went sour. (The Guardian)


At Least 15 Dead In Iraq Attacks

At least 15 people have been killed in the latest violence in Iraq. (BBC)

Ex-Baathists Play Crucial Insurgent Role, U.S. Says

U.S. military commanders say a new assessment of the Iraqi insurgency has led them to focus on 34 former Baath Party leaders who they believe are financing and directing attacks against American troops and their allies. (LA Times)

Gunmen kill Deputy Chief of Baghdad Police

Gunmen assassinate Baghdad's deputy police chief, the second high-profile killing in the capital in a week. (The Guardian)

Central Figure in Iraq Abuse Goes on Trial

Prosecutors unveiled new graphic photographs and videos from Abu Ghraib prison on Monday as they tried to portray the soldier accused as the ringleader of the abuse scandal there as a sadistic thug who punched detainees for sport, posed smiling next to the bloody face of a detainee and bragged about forcing an Iraqi woman to let him photograph her naked. (NY Times)

Abu Ghraib Inmates 'Like Cheerleaders'

Detainees stacked naked on top of each other were no worse off than performing cheerleaders, court hears. (The Guardian)

Iraqi Rebels Grow Strong in Saddam's Old Haunts

Violence has spiked against Iraqi and U.S. forces in the battleground provinces of north-central Iraq, with less than three weeks to go before landmark national elections. (AFP)

Frenchmen Told of Iraq 'Holy War'

The two French journalists released by kidnappers in Iraq last month have told the BBC that their captors supported the goals of Osama Bin Laden. (BBC)

U.S. Considers 'Salvador Option' in Iraq

Plan modeled on Reagan-era support for Central American 'death-squads.' (CS Monitor)


A Man-Made Tsunami

Why are there no fundraisers for the Iraqi dead? (The Guardian)

The Taming of Sadr City

The US effort to destroy the insurgency in Iraq can only succeed if it also destroys the ability of the Iraqis to govern their own communities - hence the attack on the Sunni stronghold of Fallujah. Yet Sadr City, the vast slum in Baghdad at the heart of the Shi'ite rebellion, has evolved into a virtually independent city-state, a "liberated area" in the classic guerrilla warfare model. Something will have to give. (Asia Times)

The Moment of Truth in Iraq

It is now crystal clear that the proposed political process in Iraq is fatally flawed. If a way is to be found out of the present blood-stained impasse, a fresh start on a new basis is essential. The moment of truth in Iraq is fast approaching. (Al Hayat)

Deadly Attacks Pockmark Iraq

U.S. troops, civilians and Iraqi officials are among those killed as the prime minister declares progress in capturing insurgents. (LA Times)

Can We Save Iraq? No, but the Iraqis Can

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