Sacre Bleu: It's Official!

And to show that not everyone is in love with love, since they started dating, his approval rating has plunged. Speaking to ABC News, Catherine Boullay, a political analyst for the Europe 1 radio station, says, "This wedding could make things worse for Pres. Sarkozy. He has been crashing down in the polls since October. Now, at the moment, only 37 percent of the French people are satisfied with his actions and 93 percent of the French people believe they don't want to see his private life in magazines. He divorced in October, in the middle of a huge strike, and then in December he went on holiday with Carla Bruni in Egypt, in Jordan, showing he was happy -- but at the same time we had the finance minister telling us that prices were going to rise and the tills were empty. And that is just not on!"

So what do the Parisians think of their new first lady? Do the romantic French approve?

One woman told Associated Press Television News, "She'll be a bad first lady; I don't see her suiting the role. Why? She doesn't have the profile of a first lady. Well, not the same stature as Cecilia. There we go."

Speaking to the BBC, one woman said, "This is ridiculous, I don't believe in this. This is strange."

Not everyone agrees. "She's very beautiful, so I think it's good thing for him and I'm not sure it good thing for her," said one man.

The couple spent their first night of wedded bliss at a hunting lodge in Versailles. As the French say: Vive L'Amour!

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