Further Fragmentation for Former Yugoslavia

International military, police and Western diplomatic officials fear provocations from both sides and the secession of northern Kosovo: North Mitrovica and three other municipalities that are home to 50,000 of the province's 120,000 Serbs.  

While the fate of the Serbian enclaves in southern Kosovo remains uncertain, the northern sector is expected to embrace de facto partition, even if nobody formally recognizes it.

"The Serbs will not declare their secession or create a Serbian Republic of Kosovo and Metohija, as it would, de facto, recognize the independence of the rest of the territory," Dusan Janjic, the head of the Forum for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Belgrade, told ABC News. 

The situation remains fraught with tensions.

And there are other, perhaps less serious, problems. What would Kosovo's new flag look like? The parliament has narrowed down three designs from the "short list" of 700 possibilities. Entries were sent from all over the world including even one from Serbia.

And what about the national anthem? They can't decide on that either. The national orchestra is instead rehearsing the official European anthem, Beethoven's "Ode to Joy," in a nod to its European allegiance.    

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