Forgiving the Killer Next Door

"Healing is a process," said Ndanziga. "It's not something you can rush or give people a deadline."

Gallige says the process of forgiving the man who murdered six of his relatives was extremely difficult, but that the reward has been with worth it.

"I said I saw Mathius in two ways, but it's actually three," said Gallige who now wants to help other Rwandans with the reconciliation process. "The first is as my neighbor, the second, as the person who killed my family, and now he is my neighbor and my friend."

For Sendege, standing before his victim and asking for forgiveness was the hardest thing he says he's ever had to do. After the genocide he says he never imagined the men would be neighbors and friends again. He too hopes that other Rwandans will work toward true reconciliation.

"In this village now we are no longer divided based on our ethnic groups. Our children play together, we built each other's houses, we share food and water," said Sendege. "There's no more Tutsi, no more Hutu. We are just living together as Rwandans in peace."

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