EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Life of Middle East's Slain Pop Princess

Tamim's family would not clarify the extent of Tamim's relationship with Mustafa, saying it tied into the upcoming murder trial. If Tamim and Mustafa had a temporary marriage -- a less permanent, but still formal marriage contract in Islam, it would have made any sexual relations between them "bil halal."

A Tamim family lawyer did confirm that Tamim and Mustafa were "friends" and made it clear that, over time, their relations soured. Tamim's stylist, Joe Raad, says she became increasingly paranoid and started traveling with a bodyguard.

"She was full of fear and anxiety. She had a feeling that something was going to happen to her. She would always tell me 'I'm afraid,'" said Raad.

"Through her manner I could tell that Mustafa was not just a jealous man, but more than that -- possessive, but extremely generous."

Issa said she visited Tamim her home in Egypt, a high-security house in Cairo's affluent Dokki district.

"She was living in a very well-protected area," said Issa. "She was scared of being followed. She was afraid."

"As I was leaving, I told her, 'Why do you keep getting yourself into these situations? Stop letting [men] use you like this.' She told me that this was the last time, that she would finish with her problems and restart her career."

Tamim left Cairo and moved to London. She met Riad Alazzawi, a British-Iraqi kick boxer who met Tamim in Harrod's department store. The two became close and married - a lawyer for Alazzawi told ABC News the two had a marriage certificate from a British court.

Alazzawi says the couple was harassed and receiving threatening phone calls - threats he believe came from Hisham Talaat Mustafa, angry that Tamim had left Egypt.

"Suzan told me that he had phoned her and said that if she left me and went to marry him he would pay her $50 million. He then said that if she refused he would then kill her." Alazzawi told the Sunday Times, a statement confirmed by Alazzawi's lawyer.

On another occasion, Alazzawi said he received a phone call from Mustafa himself.

"He said forget about this girl. I'll kill her and kill you if you don't give me the girl," Alazzawi alleged.

A representative with Mustafa's company, Talaat Mustafa Group, refused to comment on the charges or on any matter related to the Tamim case. In a letter from his jail cell, Mustafa denounced his accusers and the reporters covering the case.

"These lies will not be able to move the great pyramids I have constructed in the Egyptian economy," Mustafa wrote.

Tamim spent eighteen months living in London with Alazzawi. In 2007 the two jointly purchased an apartment in Rimal Tower, part of a luxury residential complex in Dubai . Eight months later, on July 28, Tamim was stabbed to death in the apartment.

Dubai Police told reporters her killer got through security by posing as Tamim's real estate agent, coming to finalize her paperwork.

Five hours after the crime, Dubai Police arrested a former Egyptian police officer, Mohsen Al Sukkari, and charged him with the crime. Investigators in Egypt told the press that while in custody, Al Sukkari confessed to killing Tamim and claimed he did so at Hisham Talaat Mustafa's behest. In return Mustafa would pay him $2 million. Mustafa was arrested, the two held in jail until trial.

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