Mumbai Terrorists Planted Five Bombs and Used Sophisticated Timers to Detonate Them

Worryingly, he added, there appeared to be no evidence of such faults with the bombs found near the Taj.

The bomb squad was able to determine the time set for the first Taj bomb to explode, approximately between 2:30 and 3 a.m. Thursday. "I think they wanted to blow up the maximum number of people, including security forces, media people, and any guests evacuated from the hotel," Anthony said.

Still, pictures of the bombs acquired by ABC News seem to show writing in Urdu on the timer device. But the writing is too faint to determine what it says.

Urban Terrorism

"What we are seeing here is a type of urban terrorism that has been seen in other places like Chechnya," Anthony said.

"It's a new trend to attack hotels, schoolsband the worrying fact is that local goons can do it. There are pockets of support for such activity inside India and the police are looking into the possibility that locals were involved in last week's attacks."

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