Attack on Abu Ghraib


Militants Attack Abu Ghraib Jail

Heavily armed militants have launched an audacious attack on Iraq's notorious Abu Ghraib prison, wounding 44 U.S. troops and 12 prisoners inside. (BBC)

Al Qaeda Says 7 Suicide Bombers Hit Iraqi Prison

Al Qaeda's wing in Iraq says in an Internet statement that seven suicide bombers spearheaded its brazen raid on Abu Ghraib prison that wounded 44 United States soldiers. (Reuters)

Green Light For Iraqi Prison Abuse Came Right From the Top

Classified documents show the former U.S. military chief in Iraq personally sanctioned measures banned by the Geneva Conventions. (The Independent)

Iraqi Parliament Elects Speaker

Iraq's divided interim parliament has finally elected a speaker, clearing a major political hurdle on the way to forming a government. (BBC)

Beating of Iraqi General Alleged in Army Hearing

Previously secret court testimony indicates that an Iraqi general imprisoned by U.S. forces was badly bruised and may have been severely beaten two days before he died of suffocation during interrogation. (AP)

Panel: U.S. Ignored Work of U.N. Arms Inspectors

Of all the claims U.S. intelligence made about Iraq's arsenal in the fall and winter of 2002, it was a handful of new charges that seemed the most significant: secret purchases of uranium from Africa, biological weapons being made in mobile laboratories, and pilotless planes that could disperse anthrax or sarin gas into the air above U.S. cities. (Washington Post)

Former CIA Chief Disputes Warning Over Iraq Data

Former CIA Director George Tenet on Friday disputed that he was warned about problems with an Iraqi source just hours before Secretary of State Colin Powell argued the U.S. case against Iraq at the United Nations, using the source's information. (Reuters)


Tale of Two Terrorists

Hardly anyone was more surprised by Iraq's insurgency than Osama bin Laden. He had never foreseen its sudden, ferocious spread, and he was likewise unprepared for the abrupt rise of its most homicidal commander, Abu Mussab al Zarqawi. (Newsweek)

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Security Kills 8 Gunmen, Dozens Hurt

Saudi troops have killed eight gunmen and wounded another in a protracted siege in the northern town of Al-Ras, where fierce gunbattles raged for a second day with suspected militants, security sources said Monday. (Reuters)

Note: In a statement posted online, the militants claimed that they have taken one member of the security forces hostage. Al Hayat also reported that security sources believed the alleged head of al Qaeda group in Saudi Arabia Saleh Al Oufi and its spiritual leader, Abdullah Al Rashud may have been amongst the group involved in the clashes. Both men are on the Saudi list of most wanted terrorists.

Three Saudi Extremists Executed in Sakaka for Criminal Acts

Three Saudi criminals, who were said to be part of a terrorist group trained in Afghanistan, were executed yesterday in this northern Saudi Arabian town. (Arab News)

New Study on Al Qaeda

Typical Al Qaeda Recruits Western Educated

The typical recruit to al Qaeda is Western-educated and has a wealthy, professional background, according to a new study. (Herald Sun)


Pak N-experts Had Close Links With Bin Laden

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