Answers to Your Questions on the Royals

As for the question of whether Camilla, like Charles, might be descended from King Edward VII: It's possible. Camilla's great-grandmother, Alice Keppel, was Edward VII's mistress. Sonia Keppel (Camilla's grandmother) was born after her mother became involved with the monarch, but most historians think she really was fathered by Mrs. Keppel's husband. (Sonia is said to have borne a strong resemblance to George Keppel, and certainly the king never treated her like his daughter.) However, if Sonia was the king's daughter, that would make Camilla and Charles second cousins once removed.

Greyfeather in South Dakota writes: Why should Camilla be given a title? I don't think that she deserves it, because she just made a fool of herself by relentlessly chasing after Charles. If I were to do something like that, I would consider myself a shameless hussy, and not show myself anywhere. How embarrassing.

Answer: In all fairness to Camilla, I'd say Charles chased her just as much as she chased him. She gets a title because there's no legal reason to deny her one (see above). And once she's remarried, it wouldn't be appropriate to keep calling her Mrs. Parker Bowles. She will be known as Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall.

Vernam Minnis in the Bahamas writes: Should the Queen have given Prince Charles and his sweetheart permission to marry considering that she (Camilla) was partly responsible for the marriage of her son to Diana Princess of Wales ending in divorce? Over my dead body would I have given permission! Furthermore, she should be called Mrs. Charles Winslow. Camilla should not be given a royal name of any kind!

Answer: Polls show a lot of Britons agree with you that Camilla shouldn't get a title. But since Charles' title isn't "Mr.," it wouldn't be accurate to call Camilla "Mrs. Charles Windsor." She could be styled "Princess Charles," of course -- just like Princess Michael of Kent, who is married to a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. But to modern ears, anyway, that sounds rather odd.

As for whether Queen Elizabeth II should have withheld her permission, a lot of people agree with you there too. But perhaps she felt that it would be better for Charles and Camilla to marry instead of living together. When Princess Anne, who divorced her first husband, married Timothy Laurence, the queen attended the Church of Scotland ceremony. She might have felt that if she allowed one of her children to remarry, she should allow another to do the same, whatever the circumstances.

Marian says: Throughout the history of England, there have been various spouses given title of Prince (or Princess) Consort. Albert, Philip, to name a few. I don't recall why they were given Prince title when they married their Queens?

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