N. Korea Blows Up Nuke Plant Cooling Tower

The president's action can be rescinded over the next 45 days if the administration determines that North Korea's documents are insufficient or its regime is not cooperating on the next stage of talks.

The documents, which were presented six months later than promised, have not been made public. They were handed over on Thursday to Chinese officials, who have passed them on to other nations involved in the talks. State Department officials confirmed that Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and her team, who are traveling in Asia, have received their copies.

Casey would not provide any details of the declaration's content, but said that there is nothing in it so far that would lead the U.S. to reverse its plans to take North Korea off the terror list and lift some sanctions.

The State Department indicated that the Six Party Talks would resume "in the near future" but wouldn't say when or where.

Casey said the meeting is intended to hammer out the next steps to be taken in the denuclearization of North Korea, including dismantling its nuclear facilities, determining how the U.S. and other countries will be able to verify North Korea's compliance, and how to approach the likelihood that North Korea has a nuclear arsenal.

North Korea shocked the world by detonating an underground nuclear blast 20 months ago, but it remained unclear whether it had been able to develop a bomb.

Sources told ABC News the meeting is expected to be convened on Monday in Beijing.

ABC's Ann Compton in Washington and Johee Cho in South Korea contributed to this report

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