Gruesome Psy-Ops in Kurdistan

The informant described village life behind the fortified and mined positions of Ansar al-Islam.

Biarrah is one of about 10 hamlets in a small enclave of 60-80 square miles controlled by the guerrillas. The informant, who wore a ski mask to conceal his identity during several hours of interviews, detailed a Taliban-like existence behind the Ansar lines.

He said the Biarrah society was under the strict Islamic rule of "sharia," where music and videos were outlawed, women were forced to wear the veil and public beatings were given to anyone found in the possession of alcohol.

He testified to the presence of al Qaeda operatives, and he said he attended the funeral of a well-known Arab commander who was killed in battle.

The hooded informant said that Islamic fighters were closely mixed with local families in the Biarrah area. He speculated that a surprise aerial bombardment likely would result in civilian casualties.

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