Powell Calms India; Special Forces Ready

As for staying in touch, Fleischer pointed out: "Telephones work."

Iran Willing to Rescue U.S. Soldiers

In other developments:

Six Canadian Navy ships, carrying 2,000 personnel, including commandos, and aircraft, sailed out of Halifax harbor today, heading for the Indian Ocean to join U.S. and British ships already in the region. The Canadian contingent will support the U.S.-led forces in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf.

Northern Alliance troops reported gains in their fight to capture the key strategic city Mazar-e-Sharif, moving to within three miles of the city after having been pushed back by Taliban forces over the last two days. The area around the city has been the site of some of the fiercest fighting between the two sides.

A U.S. government official says Iran has indicated to the United States it would be willing to assist American military personnel in need of rescue in its territory. Tehran has been critical of the U.S. bombing raids, but said that it supports an international effort to eliminate terrorism.

New York City officials estimate the number of missing and presumed dead at the World Trade Center is 4,613. The number of confirmed dead is 456, and 404 remains have been identified. At the Pentagon, 189 were believed killed and another 44 were killed when the fourth hijacked jet, United Airlines Flight 93, crashed in Pennsylvania.

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