As Family Prays for U.S. Soldier, Clinton Said Capture Shows Taliban's 'Desperation'

In an interview with ABC News, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she's keeping a close eye on the efforts to bring Bergdahl home.

"We are attempting to do everything we can to locate him and free him," Clinton said. "It's just outrageous. It's a real sign of desperation and criminal behavior on the part of terrorist groups."

ABC News consultant Maj. Gen. William Nash, retired, told "Good Morning America" it's obvious from watching the Taliban video that Bergdahl is under extraordinary pressure, psychologically and possibly physically.

"The United States Army is not going to leave that soldier behind," he said. "And they are going to do everything necessary and possible to get him back."

Martin, who owns a coffee shop in Hailey where Bergdahl worked before joining the Army last year, said he is intelligent with a good sense of humor. He spent five years as a dancer with the Sun Valley Ballet School in Ketchum, Idaho.

"I remember Bowe coming in and applying., and he has very strong presence," she said. "He's a very capable man. He always would be on everything I asked for and always did more."

As the family has asked for privacy from both the public and the media, Martin said she's been taking calls at her shop from people all over the country wanting to know what they can do to help.

"I just hope that everybody can continue to be supportive and hold Bowe and his family in their hearts," she said.

Bergdahl Speaks of Girlfriend, Family on Taliban Video Early in the video posted by the Taliban, a captor holds up the soldier's dog tag to the camera. Later Bergdahl states his name and hometown.

He is shown in the video sitting cross-legged with a shaved head eating a meal. During the footage, the camera frequently cuts back and forth to shots of Bergdahl answering questions in short, stilted sentences.

Bergdahl, who appeared dressed in gray with the start of a beard, spoke of his family and the girlfriend he hopes to marry back home. For a moment, he began to break down and cry.

In subsequent shots, he was asked, "Any message to your people?"

He replied, "To my fellow Americans who have loved ones over here, who know what it's like to miss them, you have the power to make our government bring them home."

The 28-minute video features more question and answers about Bergdahl's view on the war, which he called extremely hard, and about Bergdahl's desire to learn more about Islam.

The military first made Bergdahl's capture public on July 2, though he was believed captured on June 30.

In a press briefing Monday, Defense Secretary Robert Gates said his reaction to the Taliban video showing Bergdhal was "one of disgust at the exploitation of this young man." He reiterated the importance of Bergdahl's safe return saying that military commanders "are sparing no effort to find this young soldier."

Bergdahl May Have Wandered Off Bergdahl says in the video that he was captured when he lagged behind on a patrol.

However, Defense officials said it appeared he somehow left his base in Paktika province at night, likely accompanied by several Afghan soldiers, and that his disappearance wasn't noted until the following day when his body armor and rifle were found in his quarters. There were some reports that Bergdahl had wandered off drunk with the Afghan soldiers.

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