Clinton to Ireland: 'Claim Your Moment' for Peace

Clinton later told reporters: “No, we’re not soft on” terrorism.

Concerns About Terrorism

Clinton and Blair each met separately with Trimble; Seamus Mallon, the government’s senior Roman Catholic; and the Sinn Fein’s Adams.

National security adviser Sandy Berger said the United States, the Republic of Ireland and the United Kingdom agreed to do more to counter terrorism.

“This is a mechanism by which the three governments will be able to work together more effectively to deal with those groups that reject the process of peace and seek to continue the path of violence,” Berger said.

British and Irish leaders had hoped Clinton would use his visit to announce that he will seek to have the Real IRA, a splinter group from the Irish Republican Army, added to the U.S. list of terrorist organizations.

Clinton said the matter was under review.

First lady Hillary Clinton also pushed for peace, telling 500 people gathered at Belfast’s Grand Opera House that women can do more to help the peace process. “We cannot go back to the time when every wife had to worry and said the same prayers to the same God that her husband would not get caught up in ‘the Troubles,’” she said.

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