Flight Manifest from Singapore Airlines

A list of the 179 passengers and crew from Flight SQ006, as provided by Singapore Airlines. Names are listed with family name first.


Dead or unaccounted for:

Lee Kok Heng — Singaporean

Anandan Suresh — Singaporean

Ang Miau Lee — Singaporean

Goh Boon Hwee — Singaporean

Accounted for:

Foong Chee Kong (Captain) — Malaysian

Latiff Cyrano — Singaporean

Ng Kheng Leng — Singaporean

Isnin bin Mohamed Sohot — Singaporean

Chua Puay Hiang — Singaporean

Koh Hwee Khim — Singaporean

Tay Kiok Cheng — Singaporean

Amir bin Husin — Singaporean

Chia Jong Kai Simon — Singaporean

Shahrin Shah Bin Kamarshah — Singaporean

Lim Beng Hoong — Singaporean

Chew Sou May Ann Marie — Singaporean

Chua Mei Fung — Singaporean

Farzana Bte Abdul Razak — Singaporean

Huang Hui Min — Taiwanese

Tsang Hiu Fan — Taiwanese


Dead or unaccounted for:

Aliniazee, Rabia — American

An Chi Pang — Taiwanese

Aw, Jeffrey — American

Chan Yu Chau — Taiwanese

Chang Chin Liang — Taiwanese

Chang Pao Chai — Taiwanese

Chen Aiy Guey — Taiwanese

Chen, Boris — Taiwanese

Chen, Chris — Taiwanese

Chen Hung Hsiu Yu — American

Chen, Jean Roa-Ching — American

Chen Yu Liang — Taiwanese

Chuang Nan Shann — American

Dwan, Jenny Y. — American

Fu Ching Jen — Taiwanese

Halim, Cecilia — Indonesian

Huang Tsung Yueh — Taiwanese

Huang-Chen Chun Mei — Taiwanese

Hung Paichen — Taiwanese

Hung Shu Li — Taiwanese

Iimuro, Hiroyasu — Japanese

Kommera, Sangeeta — Indian

Kommera, Sneha — American

Kommera, Srinivas — American

Kuo Chen Liang — Taiwanese

Lai Paul Po Chien — Taiwanese

Lee Nyuk Ha — Malaysian

Lim Kim Hock — Singaporean

Lim Lay Har — Singaporean

Lin Hong Wen — Taiwanese

Lin Shun Laun — Taiwanese

Loida, Danner — Filippino

Loo, Tak Wing Jennifer — British

Marellapudi, Surya Narayana — Indian

Memon, Afuad — American

Mohajerani, Ladan — American

Mohammed, Moinuddin Khan — Indian

Moore, Charles — American

Neo Lee Keow — Singaporean

Nguyen Anh Dung — Vietnamese

Noorjehan Begum — Indian

Nursharizat Abdul Razak — Malaysian

Peng, Michael — American

Platz, Jeff — American

Poddar, P. — Indian

Rabley, Margaret Blanche — British

Raju, Penmatchav — Indian

Randazzo, William — American

Roberts, Fong — American

Saahil, K. — Indian

Su JuiChing — Taiwanese

Sung Kah Kay Dr. — Singaporean

Sung, Selina — American

Sung, Yvannie — American

Tai Li Chih — Taiwanese

Tan Yip Thong — Singaporean

Tee Seok Choo — Singaporean

Thomas, Philip — American

Thwaites, Elma — Singaporean

Vanschijndel, Johannes — Mexican

Volam, Akasa — Indian

Volam, Janardhan — Indian

Vuppala, Neelima — Indian

Wang Kuang Hui — Taiwanese

Wu Ching Ying — American

Wu Hsiu Er — Taiwanese

Wu, Richard — American

Yang Feng Yi — Taiwanese

Yeh, Chi Fua — American

Yeh, Tina Eugenia — American

Yeh, Ying Lieh — American

Yen Yian — Taiwanese

Yong Fen Min — Malaysian

Yu Shueh Fang — Taiwanese

Yue Ying Chuan — Malaysian

Zee, Frank — American

Accounted for:

Ang Ming Chuang — Singaporean

Blanchon, Paul — British

Broadfoot, Helen — Australian

Brosnan, Debra — Irish

Bunyasrie Pongpayia — Thai

Chen Shih Hsueh — Taiwanese

Chen Tah Siang — Taiwanese

Chen, Vivian — American

Cheng Wente — Taiwanese

Cheng Tzu Heng — Taiwanese

Cheng Tzu Hsien — Taiwanese

Chok Fook Kiong — Singaporean

Chou Foh Sin — Taiwanese

Courtney, Steven — British

Dabir, Massoud — American

Diaz, John — American

Enriquez, Susana — Spanish

Favela, Hector — Mexican

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