Bernie Sanders' Older Brother Larry Campaigns for UK Parliament

ABC News' Lora Moftah follows Larry Sanders on a very different campaign trail as a Green Party candidate.
14:06 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Bernie Sanders' Older Brother Larry Campaigns for UK Parliament
This is Laura move staffer ABC news digital and I'm standing in the center of the small English town. Over an hour's drive outside of London. And this is where we're very standards that's Bernie Sanders older brother is campaigning for his seat in British parliament. Now this is David Cameron former British prime minister David Cameron sees which she recently resigned. And this is a conservative stronghold the last election. Conservatives got 60% of the vote and Leary here is running on the Green Party platform they got about 6% of the vote last time around. So despite the sides and this is sort of a long shot he's out here we splitting and trying to get some support. Let's follow wary for a few seconds. I think that would one. It was the Olympic. The book with the post was owed it. Would be. Is beloved book and you grew at a Valero. Right here. While he wrote always. While it about it. Look through it. Give up. Maneuvers like. Larry we're taught them yeah. Larry so we're here. I put. We're following here at least letting campaign and we notice a lot of people are asking you about your US connection that's true. How much does your brother Bernice campaigns through it helps to put you on the map here. Audience made a big different that greet audience to building a brightly over the years. But was lots of people below really noble were about to burn out. Fe. Brothel and we noticed fuels and we're died. Forty woods would lose a fifth. Like Goldman it's a tropical bird. So we used city you're doing. A thirty hour fast acting so tell us a little bit about that what what is this about. Well the thirty to thirty billion pound shortfall that would be an excessive use at the current rate. Sergeant what via 30000 on the terrible. So it's it's it's symbolic. And of this hoping to get more attention ought be to get more votes applaud whose long term struggle those. While people watching didn't like that particular department of Bethel one. And we're talking a little bit earlier about sort of what real long shot witnesses. And you've certainly an outsider's chance here. And yet you're out here leaf letting years you're making that effort. What does this mean to have the Green Party contest this seat specifically. Well. That the point I think if if we did well vehicle with Sophia applaud them votes in fact we would be the front page views. And will lose. Reported who will would make a bigger part of the country and we really need to make the dark it was written the book. And what is Bernice that it your campaign neared what do you think that in the very night Houston new lovely clip which you've probably seen. When. The protocol is that all of this is one country don't. Endorse appalled that he knows what he. That life. Harvard who's with. And in feats like he Freud and he. How many people care stopping to talk to you because. The brother connection well I think probably half the people who smoke. I don't know yet for little off. So we'll let you continue and if you don't miners analyzes you heard about the gulf of Hugh. What we've got to vigilance of the clock via. A candlelight vigil. For those when he did his truck that. Lee or to go toward. I think what we're. The biggest. People who have they like that it Ingraham yeah. Allegedly collected call thug. Bloomberg. I really do. I had yet I don't know. Even. Woodward for. I'm from right in Essex. You've read what. Oh yeah money from. It makes me so well it would negate spies. Date nights. And there was you. Groveland. About it he about it will you bundle will use would include. When he took. Him. Way it's simple isolated. Things. Look nothing could be vote without the money that's right and management from beauty to phase out there what. It you don't have that you. If you don't have that yet what is what and development and you don't know. Go it alone. It was like rubio welcome as I kind. All right exit. TV rod. What in the estate oh. I quote. We're on your vote main vote but it is that you. Argue what we. It right. It immediately they're driving if the front. Like cutting your about it we'll. Do that this is typical in this area. This. Paula and he you know. That we have been in Italy. Think logically allegedly. Heatley did. Very. Off your loan to a blue. Where you can show. What. Individually and all the coaches. He. Who had any real opposition. You're right I think that. We. Search crews quote. That full that would. At some point and it vehicle. She was Beatty. People. Me. Account. I. He. The Heatley who. And although it but all the most can afford. I think. And I think of them well in this thing rule does. That it. You know the I though when I'm the point that the host. We're. What. You know look at color and. Those votes but blue book award. I think that we'll we'll we're. We were. Doesn't want. What took you would be. So as you can see Larry's behind me and he is. Speaking to a different constituents here. In Whitney. And and once the election is this coming Thursday sees a couple of days left to continue. Standing in this town square rustling up support. But regardless of the results. Weary is really sort of on top of this Sanders. Message. Both him and his brother. Have inequality fighting inequality. As a cornerstone of both of their campaigns. And would this thirty hour fast to raise awareness about the sea of national health service here in Britain and it's it's her of all adding to that message. So we'll continue to follow him think you for joining us this is Laura not staffed for ABC news digital.

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{"id":42885227,"title":"Bernie Sanders' Older Brother Larry Campaigns for UK Parliament","duration":"14:06","description":"ABC News' Lora Moftah follows Larry Sanders on a very different campaign trail as a Green Party candidate.","url":"/International/video/bernie-sanders-older-brother-larry-campaigns-uk-parliament-42885227","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}