California Couple Missing in Peru

Jamie Neal and Garrett Hand, both 25, disappeared during a six-month cycling trip in South America.
1:00 | 02/25/13

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Transcript for California Couple Missing in Peru
It's been a month since anyone's heard from Gary handed Jamie -- and now Jamie's coworkers at the pedal -- -- -- -- Bronte are taking action. They set -- a reward fund that has since grown to 3000 dollars for information leading to the couple's whereabouts. The flyers have been posted in Peru -- -- and Jamie seemingly disappeared without a Trace. More functioning you know as a business like normal. The bags and I think there's a cloud -- hanging over our heads. Jamie and Garrett left for their six month cycling adventure to South America and late November. The US embassy in -- is helping with the search the State Department warned of potential kidnappings targeting Americans ended temporary. I don't think they're just lost. So. I think something's wrong. Friends and family -- Jamie and Garrett are hoping that the reward will grow our base set up an account here -- mechanics bank. We're anyway can walk into any branch and make contribution. And -- Ron tape Lilian Kim ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":18591224,"title":"California Couple Missing in Peru","duration":"1:00","description":"Jamie Neal and Garrett Hand, both 25, disappeared during a six-month cycling trip in South America.","url":"/International/video/california-couple-missing-peru-18591224","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}