Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Plan Crumbles

Israeli airstrikes continue after renewed round of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.
8:49 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Plan Crumbles
You can. Israel unleashing new airstrikes after Hamas rejects calls for a cease fire. That Israel had agreed to right now. National hot spot Israel and Gaza -- In New York he jobs brokering a deal with Israel tried to end the recent violence in the Middle East. But Hamas says it was not involved in any discussion and did not agree to any cease fire and continued its barrage of rocket fire into Israel today from Gaza. The BBC's -- on -- was in Gaza when Hamas rejected that proposal outright and has this report. -- smoke rising on the Gaza skyline at once again after an early morning Israeli strike. This building took a direct hit leaving more Palestinians to pick through rubble for that possessions. The number killed here has reached more than 190. Yeah. But overnight diplomatic efforts to end the two -- violence -- pace this was an Arab League meeting in Cairo. What that figure that Egypt a key play at says its claim for a cease -- and offered to mediate among the ten deal. Israel accepted the -- but the main Palestinian factions in Gaza didn't -- We here at the main hospital. In Gaza City this is one of the few locations went Hamas officials filled a safe enough for a possible Israeli attack to come out and speak to the media. Already they've told us that they reject Egypt proposed cease fire deal. How do you -- and Hamas. -- club in the cease -- proposal was discussed but if anyone except us. -- that can handle these cute but not comments. We would continue depending -- We are fighting until didn't allow conditions. This cease fire proposed that is like accomplished. And -- more Palestinian rockets will -- it from Gaza. -- they would institute of the southern Israeli city of Stallone. As the sirens sounded Liverpool's win brushing Tacoma. Now with no truce in place Israeli officials -- threatening to -- didn't -- military action. No country would -- and -- -- why would soon civilian population was subjected to. Terrorist rocket fire. His -- was no exception. Large numbers of Israeli troops remain along the Gaza border awaiting quotas and meanwhile the strategic efforts to try to end the fighting continue. -- -- no BBC news Gaza City. And we are joined now by ABC's -- -- -- in Jerusalem. To help break down the latest and fast moving developments Aaron a short lived cease fire if you can really call it that at all. Is there anything that can bring these two sides to the table. -- the egyptians will undoubtedly keep trying Michelle and this cease fire really didn't have a chance to -- to start before it ended ended ended. When Israel ordered its airstrikes to resume it said it had endured. Period of five or six hours of indiscriminate rocket fire coming from Gaza. The Hamas militant wing said that it was never consulted about this cease fire deal and said it wasn't worth the ink it was written on. And so it decided rather than this period of the escalation to be followed by talks in Cairo. It decided to respond -- the rockets Israel says several dozen of them and that's when Israel held back. -- longer you know -- that raises a lot of questions about the leadership. Of Hamas who is calling the shots is that the political faction of those who did -- that deal or is that the military rain. What we heard mixed messages there was the -- some brigade which is that military wing of Hamas in the midst of the political faction. Of Hamas which said it was still trying to negotiate some of the terms but the real breakdown appeared to be. Because Hamas was excluded from the initial conversation at the outset. This seemed to be brokered by the egyptians and Israelis may be with a bit of help from. The Middle East envoy Tony Blair who was here in Jerusalem today for meetings with. Israeli President Peres and and Hamas seem to feel excluded and they have real demands they want. Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza they want prisoners that Israel has been holding released. They want Egypt to open up the Rafah crossing that's their main economic -- and and lifeline. And they may have a number of demands including cash because -- -- government employees. Haven't received a salary in some time and so Hamas may be holding out. For some of those kinds of concessions although it's not clear what Israel is really prepared to offer in those and those regards. And -- and of course a lot of unrest throughout the region that a lot of transition taking place how does the lack of a cease fire. Have to do with Egypt's new leadership -- Hamas. Not trust the new government. Hamas may not trust the new government of -- CC in Egypt. Because the last time that Egypt was able to step in and play its usual mediation role in these conflicts was 2012. And then Egypt had just come through its its revolution and Mohammed Morrissey was elected president. He of course backed by the Muslim Brotherhood which had closer ties to Hamas. Have been LCC a member of the Egyptian military has and so Hamas may not feel that Egypt is the honest broker. That it once was but -- -- may have to get involved and other parties in the region. May have to get involved if any cease fires to ultimately be successful and of course secretary of state Terri wanted to let. Do you see now that the US may have to step in and sort of help resolve this conflict there are -- Well -- the US wants to step in secretary of state -- has only stepped out at least so far he had been in Vienna. There were rumors he would come to Cairo may be here to try and work something out. But ended up deciding to fly back to Washington and so it seems as if forward for this moment. The US is is out of the loop now secretary Kerry could certainly get back on a plane. But Michelle he had been here so often and for so long. With nothing to show for it -- the talks that Kerry had tried to broker between the Israelis. And and the Palestinians had broken down before this conflict began that's one of the the things that started the ball rolling toward the current hostilities. And so it's not clear what the US is is really prepared to offer. And without any official contact with Hamas. They still would rely on other parties to do much of the talking. Do we know if Hamas would accept any terms have they mentioned what terms they would like. And does it seem more likely that if they keep refusing terms that a ground incursion by Israeli troops into Gaza could occur. With a lack of a truce now on the table certainly brings the possibility of a ground invasion back into play. So far -- the Israelis have seemed reluctant to put boots on the ground in Gaza. I was down in kibbutz -- -- aside a small. -- -- known for its Darian and for its honey and many of the residents have left. But I met one woman who told me Michelle that. She is happy to live. Near Gaza and and -- air strikes back and forth every two years but no boots on the ground she said no mother should have a son or daughter in the military. During a ground war and so -- ground invasion could quickly turn public sentiment here which is so far been behind. Prime minister Netanyahu's airstrikes and ground campaign may be something else entirely. In all this week we have been hearing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he would not. Agree to a cease fire he and Israel did agree why 13 change of mind. Well agreeing to a cease fire right away was if nothing else at least PR move -- show that Israel. Was of the bigger party here immediately agreeing to terms that it negotiated -- -- Egypt for this. And then talks in Cairo and that allowed -- Egypt rather Israel to take. The higher ground at least for the moment. It also gave Benjamin Netanyahu some cover for not sending in ground troops which others in in the Israeli right. May have been pressuring him to do. ABC's parent -- -- in Jerusalem thank you for joining us. You can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go you have been watching international hot spot. I'm Michelle Franzen in the.

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{"id":24568230,"title":"Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Plan Crumbles","duration":"8:49","description":"Israeli airstrikes continue after renewed round of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.","url":"/International/video/israel-hamas-ceasefire-plan-crumbles-24568230","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}