Pope Francis Cancels Goodwill Event

Questions arise about the 77-year-old pontiff's health as Vatican officials say he was "suddenly indisposed" and feeling fatigued.
7:10 | 06/27/14

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Transcript for Pope Francis Cancels Goodwill Event
-- Francis canceled a scheduled public appearance in Rome today goodwill visit. To a hospital very close to the Vatican. Hello I'm Ron -- -- new York and well papal staff and the Pope mobile were all set. I -- -- staffers and patients at a hospital when word came down that Pope practice would not be making the short trip. To -- the university of the sacred heart and Jim Elliot hospital -- Vatican officials said the 77 -- honest with suddenly. In disposed. Sources say that he was -- this is now the fourth event that the Pope -- canceled so far just this year. You see there -- cardinal Angelo Scola. Do you see is attending the event in place. Of the Pope he said in his words quote. We all stand Paul Francis a large embrace of it he can get over is in disposition fast. Hours later. The Vatican officials released a brief statement that said that Pope Francis would keep a schedule this coming weekend both Saturday and Sunday which includes a number of private meetings. On Saturday -- -- went on to say quote. There are no reasons to be concerned about the health. Of the Pope. Still questions remain and -- joining us now with some answers. As ABC's Rome bureau chief maybe date has been covering the Pope -- -- -- number of years a BB what is the latest that a Vatican officials are saying about the pope's health right now. They're saying that basically -- will continue as scheduled this weekend and that there should be no recent Burton said. It. Basically there and it sounds. -- source CarMax. Coming from the back there act saying that he is very -- -- barracks at. Technical -- the last few months. Is it your impression baby though that Vatican officials were. Really surprised. About this last minute cancellation. Yes everything was scheduled to go ahead this this is this and it was there are people -- and initially percent. His right leg that not quite apparent it was obvious that he wasn't coming. And they had to something new but. Everybody seems that being caught by surprise especially -- officials had gotten it to hospital waiting for the. Afternoon as -- just be clear of the Pope did it. Say -- or have attend another event earlier today the same days and Brendan. Yes he had gotten today. At Santa not -- used. And I thought -- had met three cotton balls in the morning and apps announced by the Vatican press office and it press office. -- expected and was preparing his homily. For -- -- Max but. That they had to announce that. -- -- would be reading it in his place. -- just reading the written statements from the English speaking Vatican spokesman. Their father Lombardi. Totally it sounds like -- -- not that concerned -- in my reading that directly or indirectly even. Yeah to number eight. -- Be taking it very seriously. They know he had -- scheduled let you know that he's gonna -- -- -- let me let me take this week US audiences. And I think there's a certain amount pretty. That he is gonna take it a little bit slower in the next coming months because. You really is very active very energetic and -- -- -- an incredible amounts appointments and meetings throughout the week. But in the larger context here be -- and there have been a number of these cancellations are a number of people saying that the Pope does not look well yes there a sense of a growing concern. About his schedule and -- -- I think as we continue to see him put so much energy into every -- he does every -- -- I think people starting tonight as he walks patently Isa yet seems to be getting heavy again he has difficulty with -- And he seems a bit -- times so -- so his guidance that figure out how to relax for people stopped to talk about it. I think in the Vatican people have come to -- -- that you've got us. Kinda maybe finally well. And you've you've seen this spoke to over the years have been public couple of years and as a cardinal in the last year or sultan to you because it doesn't look like he has trailer or -- blessed robust company has been. Brett but it does look like he's tired. And he certainly -- -- so much time. Every public acts in his up public what do -- audiences don't offer -- -- -- -- here. They go on for hours and heat gets so much this time to people who can't see him. That I think people -- -- to realize that he can't keep -- this -- For the next -- years. And a little bit of background there this Pope when he was a young man. Lost a long. There's disease -- -- -- vanity older gentleman with the bottom line it's going to be stressful. It just parking lot because I think people reported what but it it is not correct -- -- an obvious it does. Mean that's it's breeding. Could be affected and happy reports that he's had ever heard from kind. In this country the president has an annual physical and the public is informed of the result of that physical anything like that with the -- doing what we know officially. About the state of -- We. Basically -- do things like he lost pot luck but came up he was elected. No doubt very much about the cardinals towels -- -- house. Actually so -- Pope John Paul the second when we were -- fact that we don't see it was a. Now we we certainly don't get a report about the pope's house I have no way of knowing if he's getting -- -- or worse in any way. OK ABC's BB Nathanson not reporting from Rome thank you very much -- -- again to recap up hope Francis. Canceling a scheduled appearance public appearance in Rome today the exploration -- -- at a Vatican was that he was suddenly in -- sources saying. That the Pope was fatigued but again. A statement coming up from the Vatican just -- short while ago saying that there are no reasons to be concerned. About the health of the Pope and that he is expected to maintain his is -- over this weekend. This -- -- and ABC news coverage of Pope Francis keep up with the story in real time by downloading ABC news app. And starring this story for exclusive updates on the go for now I'm Ron Claiborne in New York.

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{"id":24338689,"title":"Pope Francis Cancels Goodwill Event","duration":"7:10","description":"Questions arise about the 77-year-old pontiff's health as Vatican officials say he was \"suddenly indisposed\" and feeling fatigued.","url":"/International/video/pope-francis-cancels-goodwill-event-24338689","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}