Toronto Mayor Now Sorry for 'Graphic Remarks'

Rob Ford apologized for lewd comments made to reporters on live TV.
2:17 | 11/14/13

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Transcript for Toronto Mayor Now Sorry for 'Graphic Remarks'
On the last thing was and it says that I won't need a good and I've never said that in my -- -- -- I would never do that and happily married and got more than enough to eat at home state. -- ladies and gentlemen. I want to apologize. For -- graphic remarks this morning. Yesterday I mentioned. It was the second -- stayed in my life except for the -- my father. For the past six months. I had been under tremendous. Tremendous stress. Distress this largely. -- -- -- -- I have apologized. And I have tried to move forward. This has proven to be almost impossible. The revelations. Yesterday of course being. Forced prostitution. -- push you over the line. And I used unforgivable. Language. Inning game I apologize. These allegations. Are -- 100% -- When you attack my integrity as a father. And as a husband. -- -- red. Today. Acted on complete impulse. In my remarks. I fully realize in the past I could drink alcohol. In excess. I wish you to know. I'm receiving support. From a team of health care professionals. I am taking accountability. And receiving advice from people with expertise. I do not wish to comment. On the particulars. Of the support. I wish. You to understand. I am accepting. Responsibility. For the challenges. I face. I would ask you please. Please. Respect. Within these privacy. Thank you very much.

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{"id":20890180,"title":"Toronto Mayor Now Sorry for 'Graphic Remarks'","duration":"2:17","description":"Rob Ford apologized for lewd comments made to reporters on live TV.","url":"/International/video/toronto-mayor-now-graphic-remarks-20890180","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}