Teen, 14, Escapes After Being Held Hostage for Five Months


"He banged on my door and broke down crying when he told me," Gowen said. "I cried and screamed, too. It was at the point where we all feared they were going to kill him, we've all just been devastated."

Heiko Lunsmann said he has been in contact with both his wife and son, and that they've been reunited and are currently at a hospital in Manila, Gowen said.

"That was a tough time, it was a tough fine months," Heiko Lunsmann told WSET. "It wasn't easy for me."

Gowen says she's happy her son's best friend will be back.

"He's such a fine boy. He's very quiet and polite. He's been my son Zach's best friend for 10 years," Gowen said. "Kevin is like another son to me. Life just hasn't been the same without him."

Family and friends are hoping the Lunsmanns will be home sometime next week in time for the holidays.

"His father is decorating the house as we speak," Gowen said. "They want everything to be as normal as possible for Kevin's arrival."

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