Colorado Couples Keep Wedding Day Despite Massive Flooding


They say it's good luck to have it rain on your wedding day, but what do you do if rain becomes record-breaking downpours and devastating flooding that leaves your wedding guests stranded and your venue under water?

Three Colorado couples, all of whom spent at least a year planning their weddings for this past weekend, were forced to come up with a Plan B in a matter of hours when faced with raging floodwaters, calling upon the help of family, friends, total strangers and, for one bride, a police escort, to make their big day happen.

All said they felt "blessed" they were still able to have their special day in the midst of a natural disaster.

"We never thought the flood would stop us from getting married," said Joshua Bundy, 25, of Thornton, Colo.

PHOTO: Boulder, Colo.
Rachel Sullivan Photography
PHOTO: Boulder, Colo.

Bundy, a petty officer first class in the Navy, and his new bride Lacy Wilkinson, a 25-year-old senior at the University of Denver, also from Thornton, had planned their wedding for Saturday, Sept. 14, in Estes Park, Colo., where heavy flooding has now destroyed 1,500 homes.

As wedding guests started arriving Tuesday, Sept. 10, the couple said they kept an eye on the weather.

"And it said 'sun' on Saturday and we thought that we were good to go," Wilkinson said.

But then the rains came and didn't stop, and by Friday morning, the night of their rehearsal dinner, roads were closed.

"Before our venue was canceled, we had 30 out-of-state guests coming in, and they were getting called first. Their hotels said they had to cancel their reservations, 'we're evacuating,'" Wilkinson said.

When the couple couldn't get ahold of their rehearsal dinner venue, they realized they needed a new plan, and said they had upwards of 25 people working the phones to find a new venue.

"We were getting married no matter what, we just needed a different location," Bundy said.

"We were going as far as to just pick a park from somewhere," Wilkinson said.

During this time, Sarah Roshan with "Save My Colorado Wedding," one of many initiatives helping displaced Colorado couples with their flood-affected weddings, reached out to Wilkinson and Bundy and offered to help them make their wedding happen, pro-bono.

PHOTO: Joshua Bundy, a petty officer first class in the Navy, and his new bride Lacy Wilkinson, both 25, planned a new wedding in a day, with help from Save My Colorado Wedding, after their Colorado venue was washed out.
Emily Roembach-Clark of Emily RC Photography.
PHOTO: Joshua Bundy, a petty officer first class in the Navy, and his new bride Lacy Wilkinson, both 25, planned a new wedding in a day, with help from "Save My Colorado Wedding," after their Colorado venue was washed out.

"'Save My Colorado Wedding' was pretty much the catalyst for having the wedding go through," Wilkinson said.

Roshan, a Denver-based wedding photographer who works as part of a wedding collective with a few wedding planners, set up the "Save My Colorado Wedding" Facebook page with a friend last Thursday night.

"When I woke up Friday morning I had like 100 message," she said. "It was insane."

Through the initiative, she and her all-volunteer team have spent the past few days solving wedding crisises across Colorado, from finding a venue that was not underwater to getting vendors to donate services.

"A florist called me and said, 'I have all these flowers. Can you help me find someone to get them to?' And they were picked up by a bride who was displaced," Roshan said. "We have bridal shops that have offered to let brides use their sample dresses.

"Whatever we can do for these couples, we're willing to do," she added. "So far we haven't had a request we haven't been able to fulfill."

To date, Roshan said her team has helped more than 50 couples and is currently working with 32 more. Bundy and Wilkinson were the first couple she reached out to. Roshan was able to reschedule their whole wedding at a new venue.

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