Flash Wedding Ceremonies Pop Up Across Country

Also beware that feelings may be hurt from keeping others in the dark. "Having the couple give a speech and addressing why they decided to have a flash wedding may help smooth things over," she said.

And a little Champagne afterward never hurts.

"Our guests flipped out when they heard they were attending an actual wedding," Phan said. "To add to the fun, we announced our wedding party right before the ceremony too, so we had friends who had no idea they were bridesmaids and groomsmen in our wedding. We also changed into our wedding outfits, so that was sort of the last surprise for the group."

Going the flash route did mean the couple had to let go of some other traditions too.

"The only “downside” to the surprise wedding is not getting any gifts," said Phan. "but then again, if you’re getting married for the gifts you might be getting married for the wrong reasons."

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