Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Jessica Mellow models the Brooklyn Bridge. Artist Trina Merry uses sophisticated body painting techniques to blend models into the background in her quirky photographs. She has created numerous other scenes using makeup, which can be seen on her <a href=""target="external">website</a> .
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • In this July 29, 2014 photo, with the Manhattan Bridge behind them, artist Trina Merry, left, poses with model Jessica Mellow after painting her to blend into the bridge, in the Brooklyn, New York. Merry says it takes about six hours to complete a work, which is preserved in photographs before it is quickly washed away.
    Rachelle Blidner/AP Photo
  • In this July 29, 2014 photo, model Jessica Mellow closes her eyes as her face is painted by Trina Merry in the Brooklyn borough of New York. "?It feels great to be painted,? says Mellow." "?You feel the transformation process. The brush itself, it?s really soft. It feels more like a massage.?"
    Bebeto Matthews/AP Photo
  • The Gotham Skyline is modeled by Amy Hope.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Willem DeKooning's Studio as seen with his granddaughter, Lucy, modeling.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Ica Paru models the Guggenheim.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Brooklyn Bridge, as modeled by Jessica Mellow.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Nahyoung Park models Central Park.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
  • Amy Hope models Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.
    Bodypaintings by Trina Merry
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