Picky Bear Caught on Camera in Couple’s Freezer

VIDEO: One couple got a serious surprise after setting up a hidden camera to see who had been looting in their freezer.PlayABCNews.com
WATCH Hungry Bear Caught On Camera in Couple's Freezer

It’s a modern take on Winnie the Pooh’s paw finding the honey jar.

To figure out who was stealing from their outdoor fridge and leaving the door open, a couple in Canada set up a hidden camera.

Well, they caught their thief red-handed: a young black bear named Yogi, who the couple say they have known for several years, according to Castanet.

Yogi can be seen rooting through the fridge, casting away the frozen vegetables and instead opting for pie.

Sandy Lewis, the owner of nearby Powers Creek Retreat where Yogi lives, told Castanet that the bear is not a threat and they just posted the video for a shared laugh.

Watch the full video below.