UK Couple's Rap Battle Proposal Goes Viral

PHOTO: A mans proposal to his girlfriend during a televised rap battle has gone viral on the Internet.PlayYouTube
WATCH Rap Battle Proposal Goes Viral

To paraphrase the lyrics of Elton John, now one bride "can tell everybody" this is her rap.

U.K.-based rapper Adam Felman (aka Mos Prob) asked American girlfriend Jacqueline Harper (aka Rapunsell) to marry him in the middle of a rap battle in Leeds last week. A YouTube video capturing the proposal has since gone viral on the Internet.

Felman, of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, told the Daily Mail that he wanted use "an original rather than traditional method for the proposal," which inspired him to make the event public at an arena where it would be witnessed by a crowd of 1,000.

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While competing with Harper as a team at an event hosted by Don't Flop, a British rap battle league, Felman switched gears mid-performance, dedicating two minutes to dropping rhymes about his girlfriend before dropping down on one knee.

"Our hearts speak plain like a DJ the way they're matching beats," he rapped in his hip-hop serenade. "So although I'm about to get lambasted on track repeat for attempting this in a battle, please/I'd kill for you Jackie, I love you, will you marry me?"

Harper, who hails from Houston, said yes, but was too overwhelmed by emotion to do so in verse. The couple plans to marry in 2014 in the U.K.