Watch as Diver Screams With Whale Shark Approaching

VIDEO: The whale shark came at the diver with his mouth
WATCH Diver Screams During Shark Encounter

It was all fun and games until the giant whale shark came just a little too close for comfort.

That was the experience of a scuba diver in the Atlantic Ocean who let out a whale of a scream when a shark came at him while he was filming underwater.

In a video posted to YouTube Friday, the diver’s companion is seen treading water in the midst of one shark while he suddenly points frantically at another shark now coming directly toward the diver with the camera.

The diver's gurgled scream is followed by a brief silence and then laughter, or, more likely, unfettered relief, as the shark swims away.

The startled diver had good reason to scream considering the whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, at a length of at least 40 feet, according to National Geographic.

But the shark was most likely just intrigued by the new creatures in the sea rather than wanting to have the pair for lunch. National Geographic reports the preferred meal of whale sharks is plankton, the small organisms that drift and float in the ocean.