The Sky Is Falling ... and Other Wild Pranks

PHOTO: Job interviewees advertisement for LG Electronics 84-inch Ultra HDTV.
LG Electronics

Long gone are the days when pranks involved a whoopee cushion or hand buzzer. Translation: This isn't the 1950s anymore. People are taking their mischief-making to new heights and the Internet has given them a bigger audience. Since April Fool's Day has become a 365-day event, sit back and enjoy the following videos designed to raise eyebrows and test the vocal cords. (Click each title to see video on mobile devices.)

VIDEO: LG releases online video to demonstrate the quality of their 84-inch HD television.

Job interviewees think they're witnessing the end of Earth in this online advertisement for LG's 84-inch Ultra HDTV.

VIDEO: A year after Tobias Mathijsen made his brother's room pink, he turned everything 90 degrees.

Tobias Mathijsen gives a 90-degree makeover to his younger brother's bedroom.

VIDEO: Woman Scared Awake by Ghost Prank

James Williams interrupts his girlfriend's sleep with some horror-movie theatrics.

VIDEO: Elevator Prank

Students at King's College London would make George Lucas proud with this "Star Wars"-style prank on an elevator.

VIDEO: Drive-Thru Prankster

Watch what happens when fast-food restaurant employees think this driver's car has stalled.

VIDEO: Ghost Driver Drive-Thru Prank: Find Out How It Was Done

Rahat Hossain reveals the car seat costume used in his latest viral drive-thru prank.

VIDEO: Norwegian Man Falls Prey to Coworkers' Pranks

See why this guy in Norway is being called the "most easily scared man" in the world.

VIDEO: New victims of viral prank are horrified after a coffin suddenly appears in their elevator.

A Brazilian reality TV show spices up unsuspecting elevator passengers' rides.

VIDEO: LG Pranks Elevator Riders in New Ad

LG Electronics gives riders a death-defying scare to promote its new IPS monitors.

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