Gloria Riviera

Gloria Riviera is a Digital Journalist covering Asia for ABC News. Based in Beijing, Riviera reports on a wide range of hard news, investigative and feature stories. As an ABC News correspondent she has filed from more than a dozen countries for ABC News including China, South Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Iraq, Israel, Jordan and Mexico. She contributes to “Good Morning America,” “World News,” “Nightline,” ABC News Digital and ABC News Radio.

In April 2014 Riviera was the lead correspondent for ABC News reporting from Jindo Island in South Korea on the Sewol ferry disaster. Around the clock, she reported on the search and rescue efforts, the ordeal facing the families of more than 300 passengers on board, many of whom were high school students, and the criminal investigation into the actions of the captain and crew.

In March 2014 Riviera, reporting from Beijing, was the first ABC News television correspondent to file on the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight #370. She then traveled to Kuala Lumpur where she covered the search and rescue efforts of the Malaysian Navy aboard a C-130 aircraft, the US Navy aboard a P-3 Orion and the ongoing investigation into the mystery of the disappearance of flight #370. In February 2014 Riviera traveled to the US territory of Saipan in the Pacific Ocean to conduct an undercover investigation for “World News” into the growing trend of ‘ABC’ babies, American Born Chinese babies.

Based in Beijing and traveling throughout Asia, Riviera has reported on cyber-security, pollution, US-China relations, China’s one child policy, human rights, Edward Snowden, the NSA and more. In September 2013 Riviera’s story on the Mongol Derby, a grueling horse race across the Mongolian steppe, aired as an entire episode of “Nightline.” In partnership with National Geographic Wild, Riviera also travelled across the eastern Himalayan plateau in China, Kyrgyzstan and Thailand to report on endangered animals ranging from the Golden Eagle to the Snub-Nosed Monkey.

Riviera joined ABC News in 1999 as the assistant to then senior White House Correspondent, “20/20” and “This Week” Anchor Sam Donaldson. On September 11th 2001 she reported from ground zero as an associate producer for news coverage as both towers fell. She continued as part of the ABC News reporting team at ground zero, soon adding the New York Fire Department to her beat. In 2002 she was named off-air reporter at the United Nations, where she covered Security Council negotiations and the International Atomic Energy Association. In 2003 she travelled to Baghdad where she then embedded with the 3rd Infantry Division in Fallujah.

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