Taking on Christmas Consumerism

"Distributors got scared because the movie talks about Disney, the movie talks about Wal-Mart," Spurlock said, adding that "Wal-Mart is 50 percent of the DVD market in the United States today."

Spurlock eventually raised money himself to distribute the movie and get it into theaters. Still, Spurlock said they're not trying to make people feel guilty about their Christmas shopping either.

"I mean, I think a lot of people feel…immense pressure," Spurlock said. "They're overwhelmed by the holidays…You know, 'I gotta find the perfect gift,' 'What do I get Mom,' 'Oh my gosh, my kids -- how am I gonna make them happy? They need so much stuff, they want so many things, what am I gonna do?'"

Ultimately, their message is not so much to stop shopping as it is to shop consciously, and locally. Talen admits that people do have to shop and want to give gifts. He said he just hopes that consumers will consider shopping at "mom and pop" stores, farmers' markets, on Craigslist, or maybe even making the gifts they give. Or something even simpler.

"We might have the very best gift that we could give a loved one just inside of ourselves," said Talen. "It might be a song, it might be time that we commit to spending with a loved one, especially a child."

So, thinking about the title of the movie, we asked Talen what he thinks Jesus would buy?

"We think he would -- if he were confronted by what we're confronted with, Christmas 2007 -- we think he would buy less and he would give more. Amen."

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