Teaching Kids Label Literacy

"It means you're a pest and you have power!" said one boy.

"Yeah, that's right," said Susan. And just what kind of power do these kids have over their parents? The power "[to] get you to buy it," said the boy.

Along with the tricks of marketing, the kids are also learning about how food is processed. "[Why] is the mac and cheese this kind of color?" asked Thomas. "Food coloring," replied one boy.

These kids are even aware of how supermarkets try to sell them specific items. "The lower areas are the kids' cereals and the higher cereals are grown-up cereals," observed one little boy.

But at the end of the day, there's always room to refine your position. Not all the cereals with characters on them are unhealthy," said Zuzu, "because some cereals with characters on them are actually healthy."

And there's always room for moderation.

"Sometimes I eat, like, bacon and stuff, but only sometimes. Just once in a while. I don't eat it all the time," she said.

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