A Candid Chat With Mark Wahlberg

"There aren't really many compliments flying around with me and my friends. It's a lot of tough love," Wahlberg says. "But you know, that love is there and if you need to have a serious conversation you just gotta wait for the right time to do it."

On the show, one of the entourage's biggest headaches is getting their star to his endless list of commitments. ABC News found out that at least this part of the show is true to life: on Tuesday, after "The Departed" premiere, one by one the stars arrived at the premiere party: Leo. Matt. Jack. But no Mark. We'd been stood up.

The Real Life Entourage

It's Wednesday afternoon and Wahlberg is teeing off at the world-class Bethpage Golf course, outside New York. Mark arrives (on time) with the real entourage in tow:

"The Dominator" -- Domenick Lombardozzi. A recurring cast member on the show's third season, and a friend of Wahlberg's for a decade.

"A great actor," Wahlberg says. "These guys are really good golfers but they gotta carry these guys' bags and watch them butcher up this beautiful golf course....Believe me, there's no etiquette with this group."

Lev -- Steve Levenson. Real life manager. He'll neither confirm nor deny that he is also represented on the show, though he's listed as a writer on many of its episodes.

"I made sure I was the best golfer in the group," Wahlberg says -- but Lev, he says, is second best.

And finally the real E -- Eric Weinstein. Mark's assistant, driver, friend. And professional shadow.

"He was working on 'The Basketball Diaries,' he was a consultant: he was teaching us how to shoot heroin. Me and Leo," Wahlberg says. "And I just thought he was one of the funniest guys I'd ever seen... he's been with me ever since."

Wahlberg brings the boys along for the ride but he takes his golf very seriously -- and very personally.

"The game makes you a better person," he says. "There are rules, etiquette, discipline, patience." Golf, he says, is about "attitude, bad temper and how to check it all at the door."

Wahlberg long had a problem with a temper, but now he is the image of calm. He isn't married, but he and his longtime girlfriend have two children -- one just six months old.

"It's a great time in my life," Wahlberg says. "Personally, professionally, I couldn't be happier."

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